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About Us

The XLC Project was started by Nuala & Eoin Jackson in Oct. 1998, & is still going strong. The ever-increasing numbers of students seeking our help, & the impressive Leaving & Junior Cert results, stand as a testament to our philosophies & pedagogy.

These include:

  • Ensuring a pleasant, trusting learning environmen
  • Small class sizes
  • Allowing flexibility to triumph over needless bureaucracy
  • Listening to what the student has to say
  • Emphasis on "good LEARNING" above the myth of "good TEACHING"

  • This project CAN AND SHOULD be replicated across Ireland. Instead of throwing taxpayer's money at expensive & ineffective 'stay-in-school' schemes, the Dept. Ed. & Sci need to accept the school system is flawed. XLc currently is NOT funded by the Dept. This is a disgrace. Over 450 students failed by the system, have passed state exams courtesy of XLc. We are the way forward...

    • Waterford South Tipp Youth Services